LK Corral is located in So. California and is managed by Lolo & Kristin Ramirez. Lolo has been involved with pigeon racing since 1993 and began to fly with his wife under the name of LK Corral in 1998. LK Corral is very passionate about the sport of racing pigeons and is always striving for excellence in every aspect of the sport. They believe in order to be a successful loft, you have to be an educated loft. Loft management and breeding programs need to be evaluated and re-evaluated in order to stay competitive with the top lofts. LK Corral has a strong partnership and a very successful family of pigeons that has enabled them to achieve great success in their race results. They are always looking to continually build upon their proven family of pigeons. Lolo has the pigeon smarts and Kristin has the work ethic. LK Corral is definitely a team to look out for!